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Hey Im Kayla, I am trying to be the healthiest version of me. Healthy in life, mind, spirit and food :)
{FYI I have Celiac Disease}

I support a HEALTHY fitness oriented lifestyle.
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Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. EPHESIANS 6:10

Grocery List & Meal Plan {New blog post}

More Fat than Carb based meal plan! 

Heyoooo Meal Prep for my Dorm :) (via Meal Prep {Cooler 1 from Eat-Clean Book} | Kayla’s Joy)

Heyoooo Meal Prep for my Dorm :) (via Meal Prep {Cooler 1 from Eat-Clean Book} | Kayla’s Joy)

Should I do protein smoothies (Protein powder, fruit and banana) for breakfast or should I do chicken & sweet potatoes with rosemary?

Im setting up my meal plan for this week for my cafeteria and I am trying to decide… 

Im thinking I should just do the chicken/sweet potato and have my meal plan look like this:

Protein Powder + Banana + Berries Smoothie (Made-In Dorm) Pre Workout

Go to Caf after workout and have Chicken/Sweet Potato Post Workout

Go to Caf for lunch and have a Chicken/Salad Combo Thing

Go to Caf for Dinner and have tilapia/chicken or whatever with veggies

Apple + Almond Butter Snack later

What do you guys think?

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Sometimes I make a meal and it is so fricken delicious that my brain becomes obsessed with it and I make it like 5 days in a row. 

Anyone else experience this?


Okay I don’t even know if this will make sense.. but I am just going to type it all out. 

Okay so I love my trainer she is great, she is a nice person and I know she knows a lot. I have seen her transform peoples bodies and get them where they want to be at. I just feel like I am in the dark on things ALL THE TIME. At first she gave me a food plan but then when I calculated it all up it was only like 1300 calories when I brought this to her attention she quickly said, NO we want more, I want you at around 2000-2,300 calories. But I don’t know how much protein/healthy fats she wants me to have, let alone I do not know how many carbs she wants me to have. Carbs are something that are difficult for me because other than oatmeal I am not a huge fan of grains. I know there are carbs in vegetables and fruit but I don’t how much fruit I am allowed to eat FOR MY FITNESS GOALS (fruit is great. but if you are trying to do something specific you have to watch it, in my opinion)  I would much rather have more fruit and veggies than a 1/4c of quinoa. BUT if there is a benefit to my progress with eating quinoa, yams, and brown rice then I will suck it up and eat it… but if I don’t have to. I don’t want to. 

BUT when I ask her about food she says ‘your stressing out about it too much, just eat’. Okay the only reason I am stressed about it is because I want to eat in order to get the maximum results out of my training. I know eating too much of something and not enough of another thing will effect me. So no, I do not want to ‘just eat’ I want a little bit of a guideline so I can get an idea of what all I should be consuming, because without knowing I may eat too little or too much. 

But whenever I voice this she gets all ‘don’t worry about it’ but I HAVE TO WORRY because when I leave in August for school I want to look at my body and know that there wasnt something more I could have done. 

lakjdifaelakj;oeia I just want to scream - no I actually want to cry because I am a hormonal mess. 

My Diet

So I have been just eating what my trainer told me to. 

I have not been counting calories/tracking on myfitnesspal which I usually do to make sure I make my counts. 

So today I was bored so I decided to input my usual intake as of lately. 

I am not even close to reaching 2000 calories. WTFrenchtoast. 

I know I need 2000 in order to fuel myself for the results we want. 

So I just sent a email to my trainer with a screenshot of the daily intake page and hopefully we can get it sorted out.